Published: 27th November 2009
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One of the most important sections of business plan is the executive summary, which contains the introduction about your company and business. It is essential the executive summary of the business plan must be that powerful that it convinces the potential investors and lenders to read further and grant you loan. Executive summary is written usually in the last after completing the business plan and should not be more than two or three pages.

Your executive summary should:

• Provide a obvious, brief and convincing synopsis of your business

• summarize your unique advantages for achieving success

• Be written in a optimistic, convinced and confident tone

• Will not be more than two or three pages, which can be readable in not more than 5 or 7 minutes.

• reveal why your business idea will work

• Simply and clearly show your management's goals.

A successful and high-quality business plan describes the essential concepts and opportunities of your business. A good quality executive summary must show:

• Business name

• Business location

• Information about your products

• Services and the purpose of writing the business plan

• A skilled and capable management team

• Competitive advantage

Never waste your words in the executive summary. Make it as much relevant as you can; try to write it precise otherwise your potential investors and lenders will not waste his or her time by reading further and keep your business plan on side. It is crucial that the executive summary of the business plan must immediately grab the reader's attention; it must clarify your business in a unique and understandable manner. Avoid using too complex term in the executive summary.

Don't assume that if investors and lenders are investing in your business they must also know what product and services you are offering. Give brief description about your products and services in the executive summary so that potential investors and lenders get some knowledge regarding the products you are offering without reading further.

After completing the executive summary don't forget to review it. Read it many times and satisfy yourself whether it grasp the attention of your investors and lender or not? Proofreading will also help you to get an error free and successful executive summary.

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